Policies & FAQ


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I design and handcraft each piece in my Boston based studio, using high quality metals and stones. I adhere strictly to my policies, so please familiarize yourself with them before purchasing my work. All relevant information can be found here or in the listings of the items themselves. If you have any questions that aren't answered, please feel free to email me at soliloquyjewelry@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram (@soliloquyjewelry).

All designs, photos, writing, and other content is © Soliloquy Jewelry 2012-2019.

Shipping Information

Orders typically ship within 3 business days. They are shipped USPS first class mail, which takes 3-5 business days to arrive within the U.S. and 1-8 weeks international depending on the destination. I try my best to adhere to 1-3 business days, and usually orders ship on time, but please note that I am a one woman show and sometimes orders fall a day or two behind due to sickness or other extenuating circumstances. I maintain the right to alter ship times should these events occur. If you are concerned with an item arriving for a particular date, please email me and we can make sure you receive it when you need it. When your order ships, you will receive tracking information via email.

Please note that these ship times do not apply to made to order items, which take longer and have their own processing time in the listing (typically 4 weeks).

I am not liable for items lost in the mail, although I will gladly do everything in my power to help you track it down. If you would like to insure your order, please email me after purchase and I will send an additional invoice for the cost.

All items ship safely wrapped in decorative boxes ready for gift giving. In order to save paper, I do not include a printed receipt.

I ship anywhere in the world. If you are not in the U.S., please know your country's policies and customs fees, as all international customs forms will have accurate representation of package contents and their value. Please do not ask me to report a false value of the contents of your package. This is illegal.

Return Policy

To avoid the need for refunds or exchanges, PLEASE read shop listings thoroughly. I work hard to write clear and concise descriptions that contain all the information necessary to avoid confusion and make an informed purchase. Most issues are easily avoided by a thorough read of the item's listing and examination of the photos.

I do not do returns or exchanges based on wrong size or buyer's remorse. Please know your size and your budget before ordering my jewelry. All listings including sizes and measurements. If you're unsure of your ring size, visit your local jeweler or any shop that sells engagement rings. They'll be able to size you, and in most cases can also specifically size you for a wide band.

If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase or there was a mistake on my end, please contact me and we can discuss the best option. My goal is to satisfy all of my customers, and I'm willing and ready to resolve any issues to the best of my ability.

Jewelry Care

Handmade jewelry is artwork and should be treated as such to ensure its longevity. Avoid wet and strenuous activity while wearing jewelry and remove for swimming, showering, applying lotion, playing sports, hand washing, etc. 

Sterling and copper tarnish with exposure to oxygen and moisture, so store in a dry location, preferably in an airtight bag. To remove tarnish, simply use a polishing cloth (I prefer Pro-Polish Polishing Pads, samples of which I include in each order). Avoid commercial jewelry cleaning solutions as these can be too harsh and can remove patinas or destroy more porous stones like turquoise, opal, malachite, and coral. Avoid contact with stones when using a polishing cloth.

If a piece gets dirty, clean with a soft toothbrush and a paste of baking soda and water, or warm soapy water. Avoid contact with stones.


Please contact me via Instagram DM or email if something happens to your piece and explain the damage or (preferably) attach photos. Certain repairs I am happy to take myself, while others will be outsourced to my trusted repair shop. This, along with cost and timeline of repair, is assessed on a case by case basis.

Soliloquy Jewelry FAQ // Commonly received questions and their answers.

Q. Where do you source your stones and metals?
A. My metals come from a reputable and globally recognized jewelry supplier that has been a staple of the jewelry community for decades. I source both my base and precious metals only from them in order to ensure the best quality and least impact on the earth, as most of the metals I order from them are recycled. My stones come from a variety of expert sources, including gem shows, lapidary artists (stone cutters), and turquoise mine owners. I also cut my own stones from rough material acquired from these sources.

Q. Are your stones natural or treated?
A. All of my stones are 100% natural unless otherwise noted. It will be clear in the description of an item if a stone is heat treated, dyed, stabilized, or otherwise altered from its natural state. If you have any further questions about a particular stone, please feel free to message me. Knowledge of rocks and minerals is one of my specialties, and I will answer all questions to the best of my ability.

Q. Will my piece's patina (antiquing/blackening) stay the same forever?
A. Nope! Patinas change over time, depending on frequency of wear, overall body chemistry, and exposure to sweat, body oils, lotion, and other forms of moisture. This is true for all jewelry. If you would like a piece re-darkened, please message me to discuss options.

Q. Why is my finger/wrist/neck green after wearing copper or brass jewelry?
A. When worn for an extended period or in warm weather, and especially when worn as a ring, copper or brass can leave a green residue on the skin. This is a perfectly natural result of the way these metals react to oxygen, skin oils, and sweat. It is not a sign that you are allergic to the metal, and is completely harmless. To minimize the green stain, keep skin and jewelry clean and dry. *IN SOME RARE INSTANCES: This same green tinge can happen with sterling jewelry, depending on the body chemistry of the wearer. To minimize, follow the same steps listed for copper or brass.

Q. How can I find out my ring or knuckle ring size?
A. The most reliable way to find out your ring size is to stop by a local jeweler. They can either measure your finger or measure a ring you already own that you know fits.

Q. Can your rings be resized?
A. No. My rings are made to a particular size and meant to stay that way. Resizing is a lengthy process that requires stone removal and in some cases can alter the appearance of the piece, so I do not offer resizing. Sorry!