Shop Update Schedule

I add new jewels to my shop in batches. The following dates are the tentative schedule for future updates. I plan to add to this page as often as possible, in order to keep all of you in the loop with accurate info! 
Monday, January 28th @ 8pm est - Dark Pines Collection
“This land like a mirror turns you inward
And you become a forest in a furtive lake;
The dark pines of your mind reach downward,
You dream in the green of your time,
Your memory is a row of sinking pines.

Explorer, you tell yourself, this is not what you came for
Although it is good here, and green;
You had meant to move with a kind of largeness,
You had planned a heavy grace, an anguished dream.

But the dark pines of your mind dip deeper
And you are sinking, sinking, sleeper
In an elementary world;
There is something down there and you want it told.”
These pieces are inspired by the above poem by Gwendolyn MacEwen, by the way that the exploration of nature simultaneously leads us both inward and outward, and provides paths of introspection and self-discovery, of inspiration and expansion. In nature, we uncover primordial truths and attempt to get to the root of who we are. These jewels will examine these concepts, along with the impact of symbols on our conscious and subconscious minds. A special type of plume agate reminiscent of a pine forest is the main stone of this collection, along with petrified palm root, green tourmaline, moldavite, jade, and more. Thematic metalwork featuring relevant symbols and motifs will tie the collection together.
Tuesday, February 19th @ 8pm est - Dark Pines Collection pt. II - I was so inspired by this theme that I came up with way too many ideas. Combined with getting sick for the last week leading up to the first installment, I didn't get to a few designs that I really wanted to bring to life. This update will include the remaining pieces in the Dark Pines theme.