Shop Update Schedule

I add new jewels to my shop in batches, typically twice a month. The following dates are the tentative schedule for future updates. I plan to add to this page as often as possible, in order to keep all of you in the loop with accurate info! 

Moday, August 6th at 8pm est - Chambers of the Sea Collection - Named for a line in one of my favorite poems: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T. S. Eliot. These pieces will feature predominantly Australian opals, with the occasional appearance from complementary stones, and metalwork fit for a siren queen. Tridents, shells, and deep-sea magic. Signature literary and mythological narratives as guiding inspiration. Orders will ship Monday, August 13th.
Thursday, August 30th at 8pm est. - Cottage Witch Collection - Inspired by life at the edge of the sea, a sacred space where one realm meets the other. Designs conjured from meditations on an image of a witch in a sea-beaten cottage full of tattered lace and driftwood, recovered sunken treasures, and glass jars full of shells. Natural American turquoise paired with wampum (quahog clam shell). A partial nod to the stone pairing and imagery from my Calypso Collection created in my very first months of smithing, with some reimaginings of those designs.
Saturday, September 22nd at 8pm est - Descent of Persephone Collection - On the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd, we welcome the most magical season of fall. In Greek mythological narrative, this day also marks the moment of Persephone's return to the underworld. Her devastated mother, Demeter, falters in her role as goddess of agriculture, ushering in the darker and more barren half of the year. This myth will be captured in the combination of petrified wood and garnet, occasionally accented with 14k gold and brass, along with metal work featuring crescent moons, oak leaves, branches, and more. I cannot wait to revisit this signature Autumn collection.