Reader's Digest FAQ

Here are short and sweet answers to some of my most frequently asked questions. If you are planning to purchase or if your question still isn't answered, please read my full policies, found here

✦ How do I buy? Your website is sold out.

If my site is sold out, I have no pieces available. I release new work to my website at predetermined dates. These restocks tend to sell out in 3 minutes or less, so be sure to set a reminder and arrive on time. The next restock date/time is always stated in multiple places: my IG profile bio, the homepage of my website, the jewelry/current collection section of my website, and in the IG captions of new pieces as I preview what's coming next. If I haven't selected an exact date yet, it will simply say TBA until the next restock date is officially announced.

✦ I saw a certain piece on your IG page, is it still available?

Whatever is on my website is what is currently available. Most of my pieces are one of a kind, so once they're gone, they're gone. I will revisit certain collections and designs, but no two handmade jewels with natural stones are ever exactly the same. 

✦ Can I reserve/preorder a piece ahead of time?

No, sorry. If I allowed this I wouldn't have anything left to put in my shop. I do list large batches of preorders of certain designs to the Made to Order section of my site every few weeks. I always announce this to my IG beforehand.

✦ Do you take custom orders? 

No, I can't currently accommodate customs.

✦ I keep missing out! Is there a way to checkout faster?

If you make an account on my website, some of your information can be stored, which will allow for a faster checkout process.

✦ Where can I find pricing?

Price calculation tends to be the last thing I do on the day of a restock, so I rarely have specific prices readily available before then. To get an idea of my prices, please check the previous collection listings, which are always left up on my website until the day of the next collection restock. I try to have a wide price range with each collection. Simple pieces range from $80-$300, whereas more complex designs tend to hover around $400-$600, with the most intricate pieces landing at $750-$2,400.

✦ Are your pieces sterling silver?

Yes! All of my pieces are solid .925 sterling silver, with .999 fine silver bezels (stone settings). Occasionally they feature accents of brass or 14k gold, but this is always clearly stated.

✦ Do you offer wholesale?

I do not currently offer wholesale.

✦ How do I learn metalsmithing? Can I ask you technique questions?

There are plenty of metalsmithing resources available on the internet and in local art centers. I learned from books, Google, YouTube, and practice. If I could, I would gladly answer all the questions I get about the craft, but since my business is a one woman show, I simply can't use my time in this way. Sorry!