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Lily of the Valley Stamp Set

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These 3 lily of the valley stamps are made in the U.S. by Beaducation. As much as I love them, I don't use them often enough to justify keeping them in the studio, so I'd love to pass them along to someone who will give them the level of use they deserve. They've only been used twice each, and are in excellent condition. With an even strike of a heavy hammer, they create crisp, intricate impressions of lily of the valley. Use the two mirror image stems to create beautiful borders and frames, or create entire flower fields using all three. See second photo for an example of a piece I made with two of these stamps!

✦ Details ✦
Steel stamps that measure approximately 2.5 inches tall.
Impressions for mirror image stems measure 16mm tall, and that of the other stem measures 11.2mm tall.
You will receive the pictured tools.