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PREORDER ✦ Choose Your Stone Moon Earrings ✦ Natural Amber, Onyx, Amethyst, Garnet

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✦ MADE TO ORDER! ✦ Production time: 8-10 weeks. 

Please choose your stone from the drop down menu and allow 8-10 weeks for me to finish and ship your earrings. They will be intentionally crafted just for you, in the style of the pictured pairs. All natural stones vary slightly but will be of the same quality and saturation.

Amber - Between Times Earrings - First envisioned and created at Bealtaine, as an ode to the ancient rituals surrounding this magical time between times. Drops of natural Baltic amber glow like the sun below sterling crescent moons, a simplistic rendering of the liminal nature of Bealtaine, and a reminder that from the dark comes the light.

Onyx - The Longest Night Earrings - Crafted in homage to the literal darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, and our own figurative dark days. Glossy black onyx ovals float serenely beneath sterling silver crescent moons, granting protection and guidance through the shadows. These lightweight and striking earrings serve as a reminder of the magic to be found in the darkness and that the light always returns.

Amethyst - Thistle Moon Earrings - Natural amethyst gems, as purple as thistle crowns, float serenely beneath sterling silver crescent moons. These two elements combine their protective and intuition-strengthening properties to form these talismanic yet subtle earrings, for those who wish to heighten their discernment and shore up their boundaries.

Garnet - Pomegranate Moon Earrings - Rose cut garnet gems, as juicy and red as the pomegranate seeds that bound Persephone to the underworld, float serenely beneath sterling silver crescent moons. These two elements combine their protective magic to for these talismanic yet subtle earrings. They are a promise to honor your own personal underworld, to tend to your shadows, and to walk always toward the light.

Natural onyx, amber, amethyst, or garnet.
Sterling silver.
Earrings measure about 1 inch tall, and posts measure 3/8 of an inch long.
You will receive a version of the pictured earrings.

✦ Please familiarize yourself with my policies before purchasing from my shop:

✦ As with all handmade jewelry, my pieces are delicate and should not be worn during strenuous activity or in water. Please take care to remove all pieces while swimming, bathing, washing hands, playing sports, applying cosmetics, etc. 

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