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Transformation Talisman ✦ 30 Inch Chain ✦ Aura Quartz

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This pendant design was inspired by the healing properties of aura quartz and the transformative symbolism of the serpent. A wintry blue aura quartz crystal hangs from snakeskin-etched sterling. Its color shifts with the light from vivid cobalt to icy gray, with occasional wisps of violet and glimpses of internal rainbow prisms. Aura quartz is formed through a process of modern alchemy, wherein the dust of various precious metals is electrostatically bonded to quartz crystals, creating a permanent layer of shimmering color. The setting for this stone was created with a technique that is difficult to master because it requires the stone to be close to the flame, which risks ruining the stone. Successfully done, this setting style allows for a swinging movement of the crystal, which grants a kinetic element to the piece. It also leaves the stone completely exposed, for maximum energetic transfer and use as a worry stone. The pendant hangs from a 30 inch sterling chain. A tag featuring my maker's mark hangs from the clasp, and the entire piece has been blackened and sanded. May this alchemical talisman serve as a reminder that you always have the power to heal, shed skins, and transform.

Sterling silver.
Blue aura quartz.
30 inch sterling chain and clasp. Please note that due to factors such as neck and bust size, the piece may fall differently on the model than on you.
The pendant measures 2 1/2 inches tall including bail.
You will receive the pictured pendant.

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