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Thistle Armory Spell Jar ✦ Purple Wax

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“Thistles live in the details
in the tense present and the past
among the daisies
and in cracks
around buildings of civic pride.
Theirs is the car park and wasteland
the ripped poetry.
It’s the plant that survives.”
- from “Thistle Noir”, a poem by author and thistle researcher Noëlle Janaczewska.

Few plants boast such a complex and divisive history and shifting cultural perception as thistle. The value of this plant is undeniable to the butterflies, moths, and bees who rely on its nectar and pollen; to the goldfinches, ants, and mice who eat its seeds; and even to us, who since ancient times have harvested thistle for its medicine and magic and woven it into our lore and mythology. Why, then, has thistle also been called a nuisance, a noxious weed, something that must be eradicated? With all of the beneficial offerings of this plant, how could this be true? Thistle’s insistence on survival and self-preservation at all costs has rendered it, to some, a terrible thing. But such is always the case when one thrives where others wish one wouldn’t. Thistle fights for itself. Along the entirety of its stem up to midway through its flower, thistle wears sharp spikes like armor. This protective exterior and its assertive root system allow thistle to flourish even in the most difficult of circumstances. This plant is a warrior, a protector, and a boundary-enforcer. Thistle shows us defiance in the face of unwanted meddling. It challenges entitlement and keeps predatory forces away. It teaches us, with a sharp prick, to say no to self-betrayal. There will always be obstacles to your growth. Thistle tells you: grow anyway. This spell jar, like the jewels from this collection, is a protective and boundary-enforcing talisman, meant to serve as a shield against any forces that wish to thwart you on your path, and as reminders of your inherent strength. 
Each jar contains dried thistle leaves and tumbled amethyst for additional protection. They measure 1 1/2 inches tall, and are hand-sealed with purple wax and a thistle stamp. The contents and wax seals vary from jar to jar, as natural and handmade objects do. These are perfect as talismans for the home, decor, or additions to your altar.

One of the pictured jars will be selected for you.
Corked glass jar with dried thistle leaves and tumbled natural amethyst, sealed with purple wax.
Jar measures 1 1/2 inches tall.

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