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Set of 6 Aura Quartz Crystals

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I acquired the pictured set of aura quartz crystals from a creator of auras located in Quebec, known as  La Shop Légendaire. They produce some of the highest quality auras I've ever encountered, but closed their doors for business a while ago. Aura quartz is formed through a process of modern alchemy, wherein the dust of various precious metals is electrostatically bonded to quartz crystals. Different metal dusts/combinations of dusts grant different colors. This set boasts three orange, two black, and one purple, for a magical Halloween palette of crystals. These would be perfect for jewelry making, crafts, crystal grids, altar tools, home decor, or as pocket stones.

Six aura quartz crystals: three orange (the largest one is self-standing), two black, one purple. These specimens are natural quartz that have been electrostatically bonded with the dust of various precious metals to give them specific colors.
337.5 carats total.
Sizes vary from 32 to 50 mm long.
You will receive the pictured set of aura crystals.

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