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Self-Love Spell Jar ✦ Limited Edition ✦ Black/Green Wax

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Created under the auspicious Venusian aura of Valentine's Day, these spell jars are intended as a votive of self-love. A bed of pink rose petals promotes gratitude for and appreciation of the self, as the foundational energies of this jar. Above the petals, tumbled rose quartz mingles with both rainbow and white moonstone. Rose quartz is the ultimate unconditional love stone, and is particularly adept at strengthening self-love, clearing emotional blocks, and balancing mental and emotional states. Gentle moonstone adds its lunar and divine feminine energy, and guides away from self-criticism and toward self-compassion. It reminds us to love ourselves in every phase. Each jar measures 2 3/4 inches tall, and is hand-sealed with black/green wax {this wax was sold to me as black but has a hint of hunter green in certain light} and an eternal Celtic knot stamp. The contents and wax seals vary from jar to jar, as natural and handmade objects do. These are perfect as talismans for the home, decor, or additions to your altar.

One of the pictured jars will be selected for you.
Corked glass jar with dried rose petals and buds, tumbled rose quartz and moonstone, and sealed with purple wax.
Jar measures 2 3/4 inches tall.
Please note that contents may shift around during shipping!
International customers, please be aware of your country's policies. I am not responsible if a customs agent tampers with your jar.

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