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MADE TO ORDER ✦ Descent of Persephone Vial ✦ Descent of Persephone Collection, Vol. VI

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✦ MADE TO ORDER! ✦ Production time: 1-2 weeks.

Allow up to 1-2 weeks for me to make and ship your unique vial. This will be made just for you, in the style of the ones pictured. Each one varies slightly due to their handmade nature!

I created these artifacts in reverence of the myth of Persephone. Each one contains 13 natural garnets, a stone chosen for its likeness to the pomegranate seeds that sealed Persephone’s fate, and a quantity chosen to echo the number of lunar cycles in the year, to remind us of the phasic nature of all things, and to honor the divine feminine. A dried poppy pod joins the stones. Poppies are a symbol of abundance and were used in Ancient Greece as a treatment for melancholy. They are a lifeline and a sacred medicine for Persephone during her darkest times, via her Underworld garden of eternally-blooming poppies, and she is often depicted emerging from the Underworld with an armful of the flowers. The garnets and poppy pod are forever locked into the glass vial with a red pomegranate wax seal. Not only are these vials intended to be used as an offering to Persephone in your home or on your altar, they are also meant to serve as a protective talisman on difficult journeys, and a reminder that whatever your own personal underworld entails, you are capable of finding the medicine there and emerging stronger and wiser than before. As Persephone shows us, the darkest times are sometimes the most fertile ground. 

Please note that as this is natural material, the seed pod may shed some dust onto the inside of the vial in transit.
Glass vial with cork with poppy seed pod and 13 natural garnets inside, sealed with red wax.
Vial measures 4 1/4 inches tall.
You will receive a version of the pictured vials.

✦ Please familiarize yourself with my policies before purchasing from my shop:

✦ As with all handmade jewelry, my pieces are delicate and should not be worn during strenuous activity or in water. Please take care to remove all pieces while swimming, bathing, washing hands, playing sports, applying cosmetics, etc. 

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