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Amulet of a Woodland Queen ✦ 18 Inches Long

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Inspired by the allure of lily of the valley and the secret poison that these flowers use to protect themselves, this statement necklace is meant to serve as a shield against negativity, a boundary between yourself and draining forces, and a reminder to guard your own happiness so that your truest self may reign supreme. Entirely handmade sterling sculptures of lily of the valley bloom along each side of this piece. Their boundary formation echoes all that these delicate flowers do to protect themselves, and remind us to do the same. They surround a stunning piece of natural vesuvianite that sits within a circle of sterling branches. This grounding, earthy stone boasts intricate mossy inclusions suspended in translucent olive coloring. An amulet of self-preservation, this necklace is meant to guide and protect you on your unique path, and serve as a talismanic symbol that regardless of how heavy the darkness becomes, the light always returns, just as lily of the valley perseveres through the winter and flourishes in the woodland each and every spring. This piece measures 18 inches from one end of the heavy sterling chain to the other, and the pendant itself bows slightly to better sit upon the chest. Due to the specifics of this design, it has an even thicker backplate than my pieces usually do, to ensure it lasts for lifetimes. My maker's mark and .925 for sterling adorn the underside, and the entire piece has been blackened and sanded for the appearance of a magical artifact.

Sterling silver.
Natural vesuvianite.
18 inches total length. Please note that due to factors such as neck and bust size, necklace may appear longer or shorter on model than on you.
Pendant measures 3 1/4 inches wide.
You will receive the pictured necklace.

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✦ As with all handmade jewelry, my pieces are delicate and should not be worn during strenuous activity or in water. Please take care to remove all pieces while swimming, bathing, washing hands, playing sports, applying cosmetics, etc. 

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