Follower Appreciation Friday Giveaway

I truly appreciate my Instagram family and all of the support I receive on that platform. My weekly Follower Appreciation Friday Giveaway is a small way to give back to everyone who makes this life of mine possible and to the many of you who consistently and genuinely support my work. 
I will choose the winner each Friday from the comments on that week's posts, so to enter, simply like and comment on my posts! There's no other requirement. I'll choose based on what stands out to me that week. The winner will be announced and tagged on my IG story.
TIP: Turn on post notifications by going to my IG profile, clicking the three dots in the top right corner, and clicking "Turn on Post Notifications". IG will then notify you each time I post, making sure you don't miss anything!
The prizes vary, but are consistent with what I offer in my shop and post on my page. Crystals, stones, altar kits, herb vials, candles, vintage jewelry, dried flowers, art prints, and the occasional piece of handmade jewelry will all make appearances as prizes. I will also include some of my favorite books, chocolates, and other products as occasional prizes. Think of the prizes as curated gifts from me to you!