Happiness Altar Kit
Happiness Altar Kit
Happiness Altar Kit
Happiness Altar Kit
Happiness Altar Kit

Happiness Altar Kit

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Summon joy and happiness with this carefully curated kit. It includes a corked glass jar of culinary grade marigold/calendula, a rich honey calcite, a natural piece of clear quartz, and a yellow glass bottle for essential oils or potions. Perfect for adding to your altar or sacred space, use in rituals, or adorning the trinket-filled nooks and crannies of your home, these altar kits contain a little bit of magick for everyone.

-- Details --
Culinary grade, Kosher marigold in a glass jar with cork.
Honey calcite (2 1/4 inches tall) and clear quartz (2 7/8 inches tall).
Glass bottle and stopper. 
You will receive the pictured items.

-- Uses & Correspondences -- 

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus. It promotes emotional healing and the removal of negativity.

Marigold embodies the positivity and expansiveness of the sun. It is excellent as an offering to the dead.

Honey calcite increases feelings of confidence, self worth, and initiative.

Clear quartz is the master healer. It can be used in place of any other crystal, or to amplify the energies of crystals, herbs, or any other ritual element. It is cleansing and protective.

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